Ritual: The Third Function

The third function of religion is to provide a way of life to the adherent. Religions prescribe ritual and diet, best practices and habits. The foundations of these practices are often deeply rooted in the past, but it’s safe to say that they persisted in large part because the advice that was being given benefited […]

A New Social Pretense

To the greatest extent able, I have expounded upon religion’s function of providing an adoptable tribal identity, why this is both necessary and a good thing, and how fitness is able to achieve a similar function in the absence of the divine. As such, I would like to move on to the next historical function […]

Part II: The Engine of Empathy

Now, before moving on to other components of religion, I do not feel that I have made a compelling case for why it is that fitness would accomplish this task of forging empathy, nor why it is exactly that this ability to create empathy is so vital to human prosperity. To begin, it is important […]

A Vehicle For Empathy

I’m taking a brief departure from the stylings of this publication in order to make a more compelling case as to why exactly a construct like “Fitopia” is necessary, or even relevant. As such, if you were a fan of the way in which the blog has been written up until now, I apologize. I […]

The Yogi Bear

The intense drive of the squat, the exertion of the bench press, the miles of pavement left in the wake of the run… all of these evoke the sensation of ‘action’ in the mind of the performer. To the fitness enthusiast, even the thought of these activities can provide that mental pump to prepare for […]

Insult to Injury

To one who has finally gotten their stride on their path to physical well-being, nothing can be as jarring as an injury. While focus and patience can stave off the vast majority of injuries, even the most disciplined athlete can happen to falter. A sprained ankle, a pulled hamstring, a hurt back, or a strained […]

An Altar of Iron

Fitopia excludes no one. It does not presume a right answer to questions of morality. It does not ask for people to abandon their beliefs, nor to take anything on faith. It does, however, attempt to address some modern realities that have emerged in the face of a rapidly secularizing society, juxtaposed against an increasingly […]